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About Bettina Wittmann

Internationally recognized in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Bettina Wittmann excels as a strategic, value-driven consultant. She was honored as a LEA (Let's Empower Austria) role model by the Austrian government.

Renowned for inspiring women and challenging societal norms, Bettina is committed to empowering others to break boundaries. A pioneer in location-independent work, she bridges global divides and mentors an international student body from a distinguished faculty position. Her signature course, "Revolutionizing Digital Marketing Techniques with AI & Smart Tools," goes beyond instruction, preparing students to be leaders and innovators in the digital realm.

As the dedicated founder of weBOUND marketing, TalentMagnet.Training, and The Sober Hedonist, her life's mission is to inspire others to lead a meaningful life without compromise, leveraging smart tools, connections, and self-awareness.

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