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  • - Prevent yourself from being outcompeted by competitors who are already using new trends and solutions.
  • - Picture handling more clients, increasing your visibility, offering new services, and saving lots of time on repetitive tasks.
  • - Ready to establish yourself in new markets and communicate like a local in seconds?
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Are you ready to clone yourself using mind-blowing tech and smarter ways of doing business tasks and marketing?

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Find out how I use it in my own agency and consulting business since 2016 and beyond.

Why Now?

Here's The Business Chapters You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up, you'll get access to various sections that cover different aspects of running a business. Each section is like a chapter that focuses on a specific part of your business. We'll explore topics such as accounting, lead generation, client onboarding, sales, and more.

Whether you run an agency, work as a coach or consultant, or simply want to optimize some parts of your business, this is made for you.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the chapters:

Chapter 1
All About Numbers & Getting Paid

Learn how to set up accounting and payment processes to reduce manual work. Automate offer approvals and invoice sending. Make getting paid easier and more efficient.

Next Chapter
Visual & Audio Content Creation for Omni-Channel Strategies

In today's world, you need a holistic marketing approach. Create high-quality content for different marketing channels, even if you've never learned how to edit graphics or videos before. Achieve agency-quality results in less than 30% of the time.

Next Chapter
Social Media Marketing

Master social media visibility effortlessly, spending just 2-4 hours a week on it including video creation.

Next Chapter
Website & Analytics

Establish your online presence and lay the groundwork for being discoverable on search engines. Analyze and understand analytics to make smart business decisions.

Next Chapter
Client Onboarding & Management

Simplify appointment scheduling and automate client briefings and delegations. Efficiently convert offers into contracts. Keep clients satisfied and ensure they feel valued.

Next Chapter
Email Management

Set up email automations to improve client communication. Create automated lead journeys to turn prospects into clients.

Next Chapter
Sales Management

Configure your CRM and guide leads through the process seamlessly, without seeming pushy. Develop sales channels that persuade others on your behalf.

Next Chapter
Project Management

Establish briefings, set up tasks, and delegate when necessary, achieving results similar to doing it yourself, without your client noticing the difference.

Next Chapters
Coming soon...

I'll keep adding new chapters as we go along. If there's a specific area of your business you want to improve, you can suggest it in our community board.

How it's Structured
Chapters typically consist of the following

Pre-recorded, easy-to-digest videos featuring keyword-based search capabilities enable you to quickly find exactly what you need, whenever you need it.

Videos in German and English available.

Live video sessions complete with Q&A — replays will be available.

Blueprints for easier implementation.

Community channels for ongoing support and engagement.

In the ever-changing

business landscape,

staying ahead is crucial.

With automation and AI, 

you can streamline

your operations, save time,

and boost productivity.

Is this for you? Are you for us?

While I truly believe that any business and professional can benefit from at least one or more chapters we'll cover, in some cases, it just makes more sense to join the community than in others.

This is for you:

  • Do important work, not boring stuff.
    If you want to become more efficient and focus on your core value activities instead of handling administrative, organizational, or repetitive tasks that consume your time and energy.
  • Get paid well for your skills.
    If you prefer to sell high-value hours for your expertise rather than those that can be easily outsourced and are in high supply (strategic work is more valuable than routine tasks in terms of billing!).
  • Get real help that works.
    If you're seeking a clear overview of practical solutions that genuinely deliver results and are ready to implement them.
  • Use technology to improve.
    If you're looking to digitalize your business or take it to the next level in terms of automation and AI.
  • Stay great at what you do.
    If you're concerned about the evolving nature of your profession and want to gain or maintain a competitive edge.
  • Make your business better.
    If you already have a successful product or service and want to enhance your strategies.
  • Work well, even with a small team.
    If you are a solopreneur or a small team with limited time resources.
  • Manage trends and expectations.
    If you want to know what you can expect from your employees in terms of skills, development and trainings.
  • Talk with others like you.
    If you'd like to connect with like-minded professionals and share experiences, regardless of how basic your questions may seem.

This is NOT for you:

  • Doing things that don't help.
    If you prefer investing your time in non-billable and unproductive hours just to stay busy.
  • Losing to others who work faster.
    If you don't mind being outcompeted by competitors who can complete work faster and sometimes even with better quality due to AI and automation.
  • Doing the same things everyone else does.
    If your focus is not on your core expertise, and you'd rather offer generic, highly competitive services (strategic activities are more valuable than simple, repetitive tasks).
  • Trying to get rich quick.
    If you're searching for a get-rich-quick scheme and are content with mediocre outcomes, rather than prioritizing sustainable business growth and the quality of your work.
  • Saying no to new ideas and innovation.
    If you and your team are resistant to embracing progress, change, and the potential for growth through technology.
  • Talking about rules (only), not business.
    If you enjoy engaging in lengthy discussions about data privacy, rather than focusing on business development and productivity.
  • Starting from nothing.
    If you're at the very beginning of your journey and haven't defined your offerings yet (in which case, why establish processes already?).
  • Being alone.
    If you're not interested in connecting with a supportive community of like-minded individuals, even if English is not your first language.

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What's In It For You?

35% of businesses have already adopted AI.

97% of business owners believe that ChatGPT will benefit their businesses.

64% of business owners are confident that AI will boost productivity.

72% of companies using AI believe that it simplifies their jobs.

25% of companies are adopting AI due to labor shortages.

85% of business-customer relationships are expected to be managed without human interaction.

9 out of 10 organizations support AI for gaining a competitive advantage.

AI is projected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Learn From An Expert

Benefit from my extensive experience: I've dedicated over 16+ years to marketing, 9+ years to automation, and 7+ years to business. I've consulted with over 300+ companies directly.

Access To Templates

Gain exclusive access to proven templates I've personally used and commissioned experts to create for my own business.

Diverse Capabilities

Explore a wide range of tools, from AI-driven copywriting aids to advanced analytics, that can redefine how you operate your business.

Location-Independent Pioneer

Starting a business while traveling forces you to acquire clients and collaborate with people who are far away. I firmly believe that a business should offer the flexibility to operate from anywhere, and all of my approaches take this into account.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Follow my proven success process through detailed before-and-after explanations and video instructions.

Tool & Workflow Recommendations

Discover the right tools tailored to your needs and learn about automated workflows that can save you from time-consuming manual tasks, allowing you to focus on essential (strategic) work.

Unlock My Efficiency Hacks And Save Time

One of my clients likes to call me the "efficiency queen". Find AI tools capable of saving you 100+ hours per month of work by implementing the 80/20 principle: 20% effort yielding 80% results, with ideally just 20% manual effort and 80% automation and AI involvement.

Keep work and life balanced

We can't do everything, especially not all at once. That's why I believe a business should also work asynchronously, or at least your administrative side. Because sometimes, we have other obligations to attend to, like running errands, traveling, care-giving, sleeping or being in meetings and workshops.

Feedback Opportunity

Share your experiences and receive personalized advice to enhance your business.

Holistic Approach

As a certified value-driven business coach and psychology enthusiast, I integrate strategies into workflows that promote work-life balance while ensuring your business aligns with your lifestyle.

Quality Assured

These aren't just any tools and strategies; they represent the future of business, keeping you relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

No Online Product Needed

Not everyone wants to create an online course, but most online communities are geared towards course creators. However, I offer a more versatile approach to online business techniques, whether or not you have a course. I'll help you focus on what's essential and successfully merge online and offline strategies.

Why is it free (for now)?

I've always found it more fulfilling to teach and assist others rather than focusing solely on my own needs. I genuinely believe that when you give, you also receive in return.

When you become a part of this adventure, you'll play a role in holding me accountable, improving my course at University, and being a valuable member of our entrepreneurial community. At the same time, I'll be here to make your life easier and more efficient.

But, if you've found real value in what I've shared for free and want to show your appreciation for my time and expertise, you can choose to make a donation inside the program in any amount that feels right to you.


Why Now?

Every year, I carefully check my company's goals, how we're doing, and how we do things.

In the past we just needed to make small improvements here and there, but then the pandemic happened and everything changed.

Although I'm considered a location-independent pioneer and automation nerd (even having been nominated as a TOP 5 AI Impact Maker), keeping up with the rapidly accelerating innovation post 2020 was a special challenge. Through meeting this challenge, I was able to help over 2,000 people improve remote work collaboration.

This year as I was getting ready to teach my Digital Marketing & AI course at the renowned Business and Economics University of Vienna, I realized that the changes in business digitalization were even bigger and more exciting than I originally thought.

However, most resources I found online didn't help much: they were too general or not for our type of work.

So, I'm trying something new, and I'd love for you to be a part of it:

Upgrade Your Business with Tested Smart Tech & Easy Tips & Tricks that Will Make You Go 'Aha!'

See how I use these tips in my own business and how you can do the same, without wasting time trying things that don't work.

It's like having a smart toolbox with easy-to-use tools to build what you need.

What's the catch?
All I'm asking for is your feedback and for you to be active in our community.

About Bettina Wittmann, BA

Digital Marketing Expert, Remote Work Pioneer, Business Mentor & University Lecturer

After living and working in various countries, Bettina Wittmann launched weBOUND marketing during a 1.5-year around-the-world trip, mastering the art of growing international brands and leading remote teams.

Today, she is a internationally recognized business mentor and digital marketing expert. Her expertise in value-oriented systemic business coaching & consulting goes beyond the basics, making her a valuable strategic partner who helps you overcome more than just typical skill hurdles.

Bettina's aim is to help you succeed without making unnecessary sacrifices. She provides insights and tools that aren't typically taught in business schools or by your caregivers, but can only be learned through extensive experience and access to unique expert knowledge.

With her smart tools, unique skill set, innovative approach to adopting trends before they become mainstream, and extensive network, she can guide you toward long-term success. 

  • -> Awarded as TOP 5 "AI Impact Maker" in the Netherlands
  • -> Acknowledged as a "Location Independent Pioneer." - Guided 2,000+ individuals in remote collaboration
  • -> Certified in addiction prevention, peer mediation & managing psychological stress
  • -> Honored as a "LEA (Let's Empower Austria) role model" by the Austrian government
  • -> Mentored 300+ brands in accelerator programs
  • -> Inspired 330+ students at the Vienna University of Economics and Business through her digital marketing & AI course
  • -> Called the "Efficiency Queen" by happy clients

Featured In


I believe she’s the person people should listen to, to successfully keep their business up while working from home or anywhere else. Good that you are being recognized even more now. Your input during this kind of situations is badly needed.

Leonido Gebhard

Project Manager at CTI Meeting Technology


I visited one of the workshops hosted by Bettina. She is a charismatic speaker, the content was well prepared, and she provided lots of valuable insights for the audience. It was a pleasure working with her and building up on her knowledge. 10/10 would do it again 😉

Alisa Eresina



Bettina did everything she could to achieve the results I expected and she even was able to do things I didn't expect. Therefore I highly recommend her service.Thank you Bettina

Engracia Castelo


"...Often, it's the little details that bring in much more revenue, and Bettina is excellent at figuring that out..."

I can highly recommend Bettina and would contact her anytime for a consultation. She has the ability to identify what is missing in a company and can make a significant difference. Often, it's the little details that bring in much more revenue, and Bettina is excellent at figuring that out. Thank you very much for the great collaboration, asking questions, and showing new and fantastic possibilities."

Christina Strasser

CAREER-Trainer & FOUNDER OF Happy TipToes


I've had the chance to attend to Bettina's workshop during the Freedom X Festival, about how to build meaningful relationships. It was really interesting, Bettina was truly empowering her audience by her dedication and passion, she also gave use great tips about tools she uses in her daily life. Thanks again Bettina!

Florian Marlin

Responsable E-commerce chez STIHL France

"...helps you with what you truely need.."

Bettina Wittmann really knows her stuff and effectively focuses her energy to listen and understand. Striving to personalize a solution that helps you with what you truly need. Highly recommend!”

Tarek Kholoussy

Founder of Nomads giving back & NOMADS SKILLSHARE


Bettina rocks! It's that simple. Inspiring, trustworthy, and amazing.

JoEllen Nordstrom


"...EASY AND ENJOYABLE - 200%..."

Working with Bettina is easy and enjoyable. She has great ideas and delivers only the highest quality. I can recommend her 200%!

Barbara Riedel

OWNER OF "Barbaralicious", Travel Photographer, Teacher

Join me on this journey to make your business life simpler and set yourself up for long-term successful.

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